Tuesday, January 5, 2010

short video production - night at Courtenay

movie title: Night at Courtenay (2007)

This is a short documentary of the night at Courtenay Place, Wellington.

Courtney Place is one of the most famous tourist attraction in Wellington. It can says to be the central of entertainment district, with a full range of international restaurants, bars and pubs, pool centers, cinema, karaoke etc. The lifestyle of Courtney Place at day time can be of great different from night, and its night life is exceptionally glamorous and lively.

In this documentary I began with a brief introduction to Courtenay Place, and through interviews expressing people's views and impressions about the place. The completed documentary is composed of a series of videos, still images and interviews, and through combination and an edited version of these, portray a documentary that reveal the nightlife of Courtney Place.

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