Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interactive Audio Visual - "Mc Hunger"

"Mc Hunger" is an interactive audio-visual project that composed of a pair of interactive gloves and programme of a visual outputs.

About "Mc Hunger"
The aim of this project is to discourage people to take fast food as they are considered to be unhealthy. Mc Donal is being chosen as an example.
The visual is composed of a mix of clips of people dining with different food, and most of it will be in close up shots to achieve as disgusting effect as possible to discourage one's urge for fast food. The interface is a pair of interactive gloves with buttons and controllers attached. It takes the command or instruction from the user's hand actions and carry out relevant activities on screen.
Besides this interaction, the gloves can also control elements of the video, such as color, cross fading etc.

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