Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Crazy Cat

"The Crazy Cat" is a short animation movie created using Anime Studio Pro.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Petio Game Project

Petio Game is an interactive game project that aims to provide opportunity for human and pet to be engaged in the same enjoyment.

Traditionally, the interactions between pet and owner is restricted to physical experience. However, technologies nowadays has provide us with opportunities to explore the possibilities of new experiences in the digital world. With the concept of inducing an intimate relationship between two adversaries, Petio Game introduces video game as a medium to break the boundaries between organisms, allows human and animal to interact and communicate through a digital experience.

Read the full project description

at the exhibition:

see more about this porject

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Interactive Game - "Why Pay Less?"

"Why Pay Less?" is an interactive project that is designed to be displayed in "Re-telling tales" exhibition at Wellington Museum of City and Sea. This project explores a new form of interpretation to retell the story of inequality between male and female workers in New Zealand history. Through an interactive game project that comprised of a controller and programme of a visual game environment, "Why Pay Less" communicates the importance of equality through a fun and engaging gaming experience.

exhibition at Wellington Museum of City and Sea:

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interactive Audio Visual - "Mc Hunger"

"Mc Hunger" is an interactive audio-visual project that composed of a pair of interactive gloves and programme of a visual outputs.

About "Mc Hunger"
The aim of this project is to discourage people to take fast food as they are considered to be unhealthy. Mc Donal is being chosen as an example.
The visual is composed of a mix of clips of people dining with different food, and most of it will be in close up shots to achieve as disgusting effect as possible to discourage one's urge for fast food. The interface is a pair of interactive gloves with buttons and controllers attached. It takes the command or instruction from the user's hand actions and carry out relevant activities on screen.
Besides this interaction, the gloves can also control elements of the video, such as color, cross fading etc.

Monday, January 25, 2010

3D Gaming

3D character design

Fizzy Buzzy is a 3D game character. It is a small little creature that lives among bushes, and its maximum size can only be up to around 2.5 cm and weights no more than 8 grams. Fizzy Buzzy lives in bushes, and its body color, basically green and a bit brownish on the legs and wings, allow it to hide itself among the plants and leaves.
Fizzy Buzzy couldn't walk very fast, but its strong back legs and its pair of wings allow it to hop fast and fly away from any danger situation. The"horns" that were grew on its body is for self defense purpose, protecting it from being harm by other predators.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hungry Buzzy

A 3D game project that aims to explore the world through the view of a bug.

Play the game HERE

DDR - Doo the Dancing Robot

Animation and character design by Jackie Chow
music production and editing by Jackie Chow

Friday, January 22, 2010

2D gaming - Saki Wants Home

Saki wants home is a 2D game project that explores a new way of navigation.
click HERE to read about the game story and details.

Play the game "Saki Wants Home"
left arrow - to walk left
right arrow - to walk right
up arrow - to rotate the ground anti-clockwise
down arrow - to rotate the ground clockwise

2D gaming - kakoon

click HERE to view animation walk cycle

click HERE for character controller
left arrow - walk left
right arrow - walk right
up arrow - run left
down arrow - run right
space - bend over
ctrl - attack